Destination Jersey

Jersey combines British charm with continental flair. Enjoy breathtaking landscapes, rich heritage, and a unique island atmosphere, making it an ideal conference destination.

This is Jersey

An island shaped by the sea where some of the most astonishing tides in the world circle the coast and feed the land. An island that’s small on size, but big on personality, where country lanes open to cliff top views and the sea is never more than ten minutes away. It’s a place that can’t be boiled down to a single experience – it’s not a city break, or a country break, or a beach break. Jersey is all these things and more.

A Tapestry of History and Heritage

Ancient Roots

Jersey’s history dates back to prehistoric times, with evidence of human habitation spanning thousands of years. Explore ancient dolmens, medieval castles, and World War II relics that stand as testaments to the island’s diverse heritage.

An Island of Contrasts

As the largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey boasts a captivating blend of French and British influences. Discover the legacy of the Norman conquerors, whose architecture and language have left an indelible mark on the island.

Liberation Story

Jersey played a pivotal role in World War II as the only British soil occupied by Nazi forces. Learn about the island’s brave resistance and Liberation Day, celebrated annually on May 9th, when the island rejoiced in the return of freedom.

The Complete History of Jersey

…in just under 10 minutes

You can now discover The Complete History of Jersey (in just under 10 minutes) with a newly released film produced by ArtHouse Jersey in collaboration with The Story Beast. Leaving no stone unturned you will be taken through 250,000 years of history until you are bang up to date.

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