The Jersey Data Protection Authority

Formed in 2018, we are an independent regulatory authority responsible for overseeing the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018.

Who we are

The role of the Jersey Data Protection Authority is to provide statutory independent oversight and support to the functions of the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner.

The Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner is the operating arm of the Jersey Data Protection Authority. The activities of the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner are aligned to the following strategic outcomes:

  • Achieve and maintain the highest standard of data protection in Jersey.
  • Protect our future generations by putting children and young people first.
  • Maximise technological and economic opportunities to enhance the Island’s reputation as a safe place to do business.

Our Strategic Outcomes underpin all activities of the JOIC and are achieved via a range of activities such as:

  • Ensuring compliance with the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 and the Data Protection Authority (Jersey) Law 2018.
  • Influencing attitudes and behaviours towards privacy and processing of personal information, both locally and internationally.
  • Providing advice and guidance to Island businesses and individuals and making recommendations to the Government of Jersey in response to changes in international data protection laws.

Long Term Vision

The JOIC’s long-term vision is to create a culture in Jersey where Privacy Becomes Instinctive, with individuals and organisations taking a proactive approach to embed such protection throughout their daily activities and business planning.

The JOIC team comprises 19 staff members working passionately and resolutely to strengthen data protection and privacy awareness, rights and obligations across Jersey. We are committed and dedicated to our broader international role as part of Global Privacy Assembly activities and the importance of its position on a global playing field by making an active contribution to the strategic objectives of the Global Privacy Assembly.

Relationship with the GPA

The JOIC has been a member of the Global Privacy Assembly since 2005. In recent years, we have become more actively involved in GPA activities, with representation on the Covid-19 Working Group, International Enforcement Cooperation Working Group, Ethics and Data Protection in Artificial Intelligence Working Group, Digital Education Working Group, and the Working Group on the Role of Data Protection in International Development Aid, International Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management.

Jersey Information Commissioner Paul Vane sits on the Executive Committee of the Global Privacy Assembly. Since May 2022, Mr Vane has chaired the former Covid-19 Working Group, now the Data Sharing Working Group.

JOIC’s strategic outcomes are closely aligned to the continued work of the Global Privacy Assembly in advancing global privacy in an age of accelerated digitalisation. We are delighted to have been selected as hosts of the Annual Meeting 2024 to provide a platform to further critically important discussions and policy areas.

International Reach

Outside of the work of the GPA, the JOIC strives to strengthen its knowledge and capability through its association with international expert groups, as well as increasing its profile on the international stage. The JOIC is a member of the Global Privacy Enforcement Network, the Association of Francophone Data Protection Authorities, the British Irish and Islands’ Data Protection Authorities group, and the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

To view all activities of the JOIC, please view our Annual Reports at JDPA Annual Reports

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